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Dura-Flo Carton Flow Storage Systems



Dura- Flo™* Carton Flow shelving methods features exclusive patent-pending Freewheeler®* Technology. The Dura-Flo™ carton flow pre-assembled tracks are designed to fit existing rack systems without special tools. Achieve 90% space utilization and maximum flexibility for carton size and mix without carton flow shelving system component changes.

Dura-Flo™ Packs More Features Into Every Carton Flow Rack System For The Ultimate Flexibility, Durability And The Simplest Installation Available

  • Maximum space utilization from a carton flow wheeled system, up to 90% with multiple carton sizes and mix.
  • Universal connectors on each end of the carton flow rails mount on most roll-formed or structural rack beams without special tools.
  • Ultimate flexibility – instantly substitute inventory without changing your specific carton flow theory or system components.
  • Improved inventory control from CSS carton flow methods.
  • Virtually no hang-ups with CSS exclusive Freewheeler technology.
  • Ideal pick system for manufacturing and assembly lines.
  • Superior tracking of carton flow methods compared to roller flow systems.
  • Ideal for wash-down applications.
  • Freewheeler 1.9″ diameter x 1.00″ wide wheel provides more surface for better package and carton support and requires virtually no maintenance.
  • Special lubrication-coated axles provide smooth carton flow rails with virtually no hang-ups.
  • No tools required to replace wheel assemblies; spring-loaded axles on carton flow rails snap into place.
  • Entry and exit brackets mount into beam connectors without tools on either Hi-mount or Lo-mount configurations.
  • Superior strength from specially designed C-channels.

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